Nurturing creativity and inspiring innovation are two of the key
elements of a successful education, and a students’ website is the perfect amalgamation of technology and communication in the medical education. In this era of information technology and communication, it will give immensely help to know better through this portal to the world community. It gives reflection of activities, programs and information.  It harnesses the creative energies of the academic community, and distills the essence of their inspired imagination in the most brilliant way possible. Hence, I am delighted to know that KIST Medical college  Students’ society is publishing website with extensive coverage of all aspects.  I take this opportunity to congratulate all executive members for bringing out this website, which in itself is an achievement considering the effort and time required. May all our students soar high in uncharted skies and bring glory to the world and their profession with the wings of education!


Thank you !!!

Associate Prof. Dr. Suraj Bajracharya

Clinical coordinator and Deputy Hospital Director