Warm Regards!

I extend an immense gratitude solely to the existence of a Students’ Society in KIST Medical College and Teaching Hospital.

KMSS has been a matter of pride from the day of its existence.

The responsibility as a college pioneer is to guide and nurture our students from the very beginning to the very end of the journey and make our college a world class centre of dignity and excellence. For this, our college , Admin , Academic along with KMSS has left no stone unturned in securing the fundamentals of every student of the college and has reached beyond the boundaries.

The determination to ensure the success in social development amongst ourselves is commendable.

The students today are the leaders of tomorrow, however KMSS has made them the leaders of today.

I congratulate for all the past successes and best of  my wishes to the future endeavours of KMSS.

KMSS means a lot to me as much as it means to every student of this proud institution.

Thank you !!!

Prof. Dr. Balman singh Karki